Pointing domains hosted away from GoDaddy, to GoDaddy hosting

This puzzled me for a few hours before figuring it out, these are instructions for the cPanel, it's as simple as finding the nameservers GoDaddy has set up for you. It's a bit long-winded to find the nameservers however below i have pointed out what to do.

  1. Setup your domain in cPanel
  2. Login to your GoDaddy account
  3. Click on the + next to Domains then click on Launch
  4. On this page click the DNS button at the top then DNS Manager
  5. Find your domain in the list and click on the Edit Zone link below it
  6. Scroll right down to the bottom and there is a section titled "NS Nameserver"... the 2 records here under points to are the nameservers you need to set with the registrar of your domain.

GoDaddy have made this a real pain in the ass, to find the nameservers, hopefully this will help anyone struggling.

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