The easiest way to move a game in Steam

If you need to move a game from one harddrive to another this is extremely easy to do.

  1. Decide where you want the files to be stored this needs to be done through steam as follows:

    Settings -> Downloads -> Steam Library Folders

  2. click Add Library Folder
  3. Navigate to your new steam folder and create a folder in steamapps called common
  4. Head to your current steam folder and find the game you want to move.
    You will probably find it in:
    Copy the game's folder to the new folder you created in step 3
  5. Open steam, right click on the game your moving and select
    Delete Local Content
  6. When that is done clock the Install button to re-install the game, in the dropdown choose the steam folder you created in step 3
  7. Instead of downloading the game steam will detect the existing files and make any minor changes.
    When this is done you should be able to play the game as normal.
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