£10 Amazon Gift Card When Joining Voxi!

If like me you are on the look out for a great deal when it comes to your mobile network and rely on generous amounts of data, i have to recommend Voxi!

They are powered & owned by Vodafone, which gives them brilliant network coverage and a pretty good 4G network too!

All of their plans come with unimited minutes and texts starting from a £10 per month subscription (notice i said subscription and not contract).

Up until 31st March 2019 they are giving away extra data with their plans, for example their £10 plan comes with a massive 6GB of data!

One thing to note though, you need to be under 29 to join Voxi, however once joined you can stay a customer for as long as you like!

If you join through my link below you will also get a £10 Amazon Gift Card once activated!


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