UmbracoForms.hCaptcha available now

I have published a pre-release version of a field type I have been working on for Umbraco Forms, it simply adds the hCaptcha bot protection.

If your not familiar with hCaptcha, it's a replacement for Google's reCaptcha

Cloudflare recently announced they will be dropping reCaptcha in favour of hCaptcha.

I have published the plugin on Our Umbraco and NuGet to make it real easy to install.
Once installed, it's as simple as signing up with hCaptcha, and adding the settings to your Web.Config

<add key="hCaptchaSiteKey" value="YOUR SITE KEY" />
<add key="hCaptchaSecretKey" value="YOUR SECRET KEY" />

You can see it in action at the bottom of this page or on the contact page.

I have published the source code on GitHub, my next step is to add the invisible option.

Let me know what you think in the shiny new comments section below!

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