Umbraco Forms Security Patch & uCaptcha

So today Umbraco released a patch for Umbraco Forms which fixes a remote code execution attack and/or arbitrary file deletion.

I highly recommend patching your website if you have not done so already...

That being said, a while back I released a compatibility patch for uCaptcha (1.0.3) to make it work with Umbraco Forms 8.7.0.

To make uCaptcha work with Umbraco Forms 8.7.1+ including the latest 8.7.6 you will need to revert back to using uCaptcha 1.0.2.

You can track this issue on the tracker here:

I will be re-releasing this soon as 1.0.4 with a dependency of Umbraco Forms 8.7.1+.

Any other issues should be reported on the GitHub Issues page:

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